Marketing Services Denmark

  • Marketing Research
  • International Marketingsymbol
  • Marketing Measurementssymbol
  • Segmentation and Positioningsymbol
  • Product and Branding Strategysymbol
  • New-product Development and Product life-cycle Strategiessymbol
  • Pricing Strategysymbol
  • Distribution strategiessymbol
  • Marketing Communication Strategysymbol
  • Promotion and Advertising


Obviously, the tendency in trade is the use of the Internet as a tool to develop business.

Many companies have an excellent Product or Service but do not count on a Web support that allows them to make an effective product presentation, to harness the communication with their clients and public. Indeed, a company can run an affective promotion in the largest directory of the world, a true ally of sales.

We make available to our clients a powerful technology of Marketing (communication, promotion and sales), aimed to improve the company competitiveness through our Marketing Management Services on the Internet.

Consider the scope, security, economy and speed of being able to communicate professionally with real and potential clients in order to consolidate or to generate new business.

Promotion Management

  • Planning, Organization, management and Control of export-import projects
  • Product and Sales Promotion Managementsymbol
  • Organization and participation in international trade shows
  • Networking and Disseminationsymbol
  • International Quoting and Negotiation

Functional models

  • Creation of functional models on Marketing Mixsymbol
  • Creation of functional models on Commercialization Viability

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